Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day One - Make That Dollar

I decided to create a online journal for my at home racket in the Philippines. One, so I can track whether or not I am wasting my time on online "business" or not. Second, I wanted to evaluate how can I earn more (if in case I would earn, which I am hoping I would!)

So this journal is basically something that I can look back and share with others in case I get some good money on the Internet.

I would look into affiliate marketing one of these days. But for the purpose of this blog journal, my first case would MakeThatDollarcom. You can click on the banner below to join and check the site for yourself.

I thought I already signed up for this particular program since I join these kind of stuff as a hobby but never really get to discover how I can profit from them. So, I searched my e-mail and type in MakeThatDollar in the search tab. Viola, I saw an email that I paid up for $2 for something I already forgot about. (Or it was probably my sister who used my account.)

Anyway, I signed up for a new account at Funny, I log on to the sit and got 50 messages on my Inbox. The admin of the site is really a hard worker I can say. Lol.

It m earnings it says $0.05 and 0.10 . That probably means it's a freebie for the new sign-ups since I haven't virtually done anything promotion yet since I created my account a few minutes ago. It hasn't been an hour yet.

I would be giving MakeThatDollar one hour per day. Let's see how it will go.

God bless everyone! Cheers for my first post! (I won't dare check for grammar and spellings on my post, please spare me. I am not being paid for this blog! Hehehe)

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